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Experiencing all three events will empower you and bring you peace!

25 Videos with Worksheets

Leading you on the Pathway to Peace through all five modules.

Drawing you into various enabling concepts found along the Pathway to Peace.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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Books are Available on Amazon

Search: (108 Mala Beads) by John Linton on Amazon

The book recounts the life changing experience of John Linton when he sojourned in Thailand for several weeks. Filled with wonderful proven strategies, this narrative will take you from a sense of failure, humiliation and disempowerment to a profusion of  peace and joy. Read more

Taming the Roosters in Your Life Animal Metaphors That Define People

This book will improve your relationships.


Easy to Read . . . Insightful . . . Useful and Profound . . .A Help to So Many People . . .

Karen Kasteler, Life Coach, Salt Lake City


Utilizing the symbols of roosters, cats, rabbits and dogs, John Linton reflects on the work of numerous researchers who delve into the problems of human behavior and relationships.  Read more

This book is available as a FREE eBook


This easy-to-read book explains how unfulfilled expectations are a great stumbling block in relationships, causing disempowerment.

Whether husband/wife, parent/child, boss/coworker or any other situation where people must have interaction, expectations are inevitable. Unspecified and unrealistic expectations can create havoc in all types of situations.  Read more

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